Solar Orbiter

Solar Orbiter is the European Space Mission (ESA) first medium-class mission (M1), and with participation by NASA. It is dedicated to solar and heliospheric physics. The satellite will take the closest approach yet to our host star, in the quest for knowledge on the inner workings of the Sun, the development of the Solar System, and the emergence of life. The launch is foreseen for 2020.

Image: ESA
IEEC’s contribution

Researchers and engineers of the IEEC at the Electronic and instrumentation development group of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences (UB) take part of the SO/PHI collaboration, responsible for the "Polarimetric and Helioseismic Imager" instrument. Specifically, they are in charge of the hardware electronics and the image stabilization system firmware.

On the other hand, the Heliospheric physics and space weather group of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences (UB) collaborates by its scientific support in the elaboration of the EPD (Energetic Particle Detector) instrument, led by the University of Alcalá de Henares. They also develop codes to analyze particle events useful to characterize the data that Solar Orbiter will provide.

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