Talentlab: co-creating educational resources
Nexus Builiding
00/00/0000 - 30/01/2013
TalentLab is a co-creation project that involves the scientific community, the educational and the general public.

This is an experimental project that initially was designed to bring researchers and professors together and collaborate to elaborate educational resources. The second edition has opened a new line of work that includes the participation of a wider audience with the aim of involving them in the design and subsequent creation of a scientific exhibition.

Educational resources coproduced with teachers and researchers can have very diverse contents and formats. A proof of this is the variety and originality of resources created in the first edition of the project, from a practical context to study the sex of marine snails through a contamination to a tranversal proposal on bioenergy that favors social debate, including the creation of a game and learning how machines learn to interdisciplinary research on climate and vegetation while promoting local graphic representation of the results through the use of computer graphics.

These resources are particularly interesting tools for the learning of science as they have are of great versatility: complement to a lesson, an activity guide, teamwork, motivating function, self-study, etc..

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