Talentlab: a different and very interesting experience
00/00/0000 - 20/03/2013
On Wednesday January 30, 2013, the workshop 'Technology in Space' of TalentLab, took place at the IEEC, which was dedicated to the co-creation of educational resources carried out jointly by teachers, researchers and professionals from other fields.

For this occasion, several researchers of the institute (Institute for Space Studies of Catalonia - IEEC) participated in this session and, during four hours, working together with teachers and professionals from other fields, they all created three proposals related to astronomy and space science, which were aimed at being the starting point of an educational resource for academic institutions.

We have attached some pictures of the workshop, which show how the ideas were created and elaborated by each team. The experience has been very interesting due to the fact that the scientific and academic worlds were able to work together, seeking synergies and creating a resource that may be of benefit to society.

For more information on Talentlab and the main concepts of these workshops, please visit the following link:

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