masters – Characterization of primitive meteorites: clues on the aggregation of chondrites
Requisits: Undergraduate thesis project. Per a més informació, contactar amb el Dr. Trigo-Rodriguez:
Descripció: Chondrites are among the most primitive meteorites arrived to our laboratories. Chondrite-forming materials were part of the protoplanetary disk from which the solar system planets formed, and its study provides clues on the origin of the solar system, and also on the physical processes occurred before planet formation. Several thin sections of primitive (undifferentiated) meteorites will be studied by using different instruments. The main goals of this research will be obtaining the size distribution of the components preserved in chondrites, study the role of aggregation and compaction, and to identify their mineralogy. These components are refractory inclusions, chondrules, and fine dust materials of the meteorite matrix. Once characterized, different minerals that could be good candidates to carry on isotopic anomalies from nearby stars will be also tentatively identified.

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