Discovering the Montsec range

The Montsec area offers a rich natural and cultural heritage. It is included in the plan of areas of natural interest (PEIN) defined by the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya). These natural areas enjoying a special protection to preserve its high ecological and landscape value. The variety of natural spaces at the Montsec makes it the ideal place for open-air sports and leisure activities in contact with nature, taking advantage of the elements and resources of the mountains, the valleys, the rivers and the lakes. Contact the Parc Astronòmic del Montsec to find out more about the activities at the Montsec.

Quality of the night sky

The quality of the Montsec astronomical sky is well-known. Several site-testing campaigns carried out in late 90s confirmed the site quality and its suitability to host an astronomical observatory. These campaigns involved an extended evaluation of meteorological data, the air stability and the air transparency. Light pollution at the OAdM was also found to be very low: the sky background brightness at the zenith in moonless nights averages 22.0 mag·arcsec-2. This value indicates that this is a particularly dark site.

Weather variables and air stability are being monitored continuously since 2004 (weather) and 2009 (stability) and their evaluation confirms that conditions for astronomical observations remain very good.

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