AstroEarth Lab
Service description

The AstroEarth Laboratory is a facility devoted to the development and testing of new equipment, either hardware or software, for ground-based telescopes and Earth observation experiments. The AstroEarth Laboratory is also designed to be used in outreach and teaching activities for space exploration. All the equipment has been prepared to be remotely operated.


  • A 3.5m Baader Planetarium AllSky dome. The dome is fully computerized and equipped with sensors capable to detect whether the dome is open or closed.
  • A Meade 10" LX200GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. The telescope is equipped with a computerized fork mount.
  • A SBIG ST-7 CCD camera. The camera has 765x510 9 micron pixels, providing a field-of-view of 9.5x6.3 arc-minutes at the Meade telescope.
  • A Vaisala PTU200 term-hygrometer. Used to retrieve temperature and humidity at the observatory site.
  • An APC AP7920 Rack PDU. Used to remotely control the power supplied to the different devices. The PDU is connected to the general UPS building line.
  • Two webcams (one indoor and one outdoor) to remotely supervise the observatory operations.
  • An Optec filter wheel with five Johnson filters (UBVRI) and a Thousand Oaks solar filter for the Meade telescope.

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