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Feodor Lynen Fellowship opportunity (Galactic high-energy astrophysics) at the Institute of Space Sciences (IEEC-CSIC)
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The Feodor Lynen Fellowship is a program of the Humboldt Foundation. It co-funds, together with a group in the Humboldt Network, German-residing scientists (up to four years after completing a doctorate) seeking a postdoctoral experience for a period of up to 24 months.

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Our group is part of the Humboldt network and is willing to host and cofund a fellow this year, sponsoring his/her application. A Humboldt Foundation selection committee will meet in June and October 2016. About 100 fellowships / year are granted, with a success rate of ~40 per cent.

We are searching for a candidate with a proven record of research to sponsor his/her joining the MAP (Multimessenger Approach for AstroParticle Physics) research group at the Institute of Space Sciences

Candidates for our sponsorship in both theory and observations will be considered, based on merit. Current topics of interest in the group include theoretical modeling of pulsars and pulsar wind nebulae, supernova remnants, magnetars, neutron star cooling, GRBs, and binaries; as well as multi-frequency observations of Galactic compact objects.

Our webpage provides details and links to our publications. Screening of candidates is ongoing and will end towards 15/04/2016, and towards 10/09/2016 for the October 2016 Humboldt Committee meeting, respectively. Interested persons are kindly asked to send a copy of their CV, publications list (where it is made clear the candidate’s own contribution in case of presenting papers published by large collaborations), and at least 2 names of possible reference persons to Please use as subject: FEODOR LYNEN

If you have any doubts, please write Prof. Diego F. Torres dtorres
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