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The Institute of Cosmos Sciences (ICCUB), a María de Maeztu Excellence Unit of the University of Barcelona, announces the opening of a predoctoral positions in the frame of the MINECO’s program “Ayudas para contratos predoctorales para la formación de doctores 2016″.

The fellowships will have a duration of 4 years. If the PhD thesis is finished in 3 years, the student will be able to keep their contract as a postdoc fellow for one more year.

Applications should follow the MINECO’s procedure. For an English translation of the procedure please see attached document.

IP: Licia Verde

Neutrinos are the only DM component that has been directly detected. They are particularly interesting to study because of the synergy between astrophysical observations and particle physics experiments.

We have been among the leaders in this line of research demonstrating the power of future cosmological data in constraining neutrino properties. We have been taking the initial steps for applying these findings to real data (galaxies and Lyman-alpha forest) and provided robust constraints from current data. We now propose to gear up towards a full development and application to forthcoming data. We will build upon our previous experience (e.g., SDSS3). We will actively participate in the DESI (Dark energy Spectroscopic Instrument) Project and we will work towards getting the tools ready for Euclid data.

Although cosmology can provide the most stringent limits to the mass of relic neutrinos, only accelerator, reactor and underground experiments can eventually provide the full picture regarding mixing angles and other properties of neutrinos. Our group has world experts in neutrino physics who will work to complement the cosmological investigations.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to join the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument(DESI) surveyand the Euclid survey.

Euclid (,

The host group: Licia Verde’s Cosmology group includes: Raul Jimenez, Antonio Cuesta, Ricardo Ferreira, Fergus Simpson, Alvise Raccanelli, Nicola Bellomo, Jose Luis Bernal Mera.
More information at:

How to apply: The call, verification of conformity of the submitted documentation, and the first part of the selection process will be handled by the “Ministerio”. The last part of the selection will be handled by ICC. Please find the application interface and documentation at:

Beside the documentation required by the “ministerio” two recommendation letters should be sent to Licia Verde:
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