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Coding physical atmospheric models and remote sensing algorithms
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In the frame of the EUMETSAT Radio Occultation Meteorology Satellite Application Facility (ROM SAF), the IEEC has committed to deliver a series of updates to the official ROM SAF Radio Occultation Processing Package (ROPP) software This software is used worldwide at meteorological services and research centres to process, model and analyze radio occultation events of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). These events occur when a transmitter of the GNSS (such as for example, a GPS satellite) sets behind the Earth as seen from another satellite, at a lower orbit, which carries a GNSS receiver (e.g. EUMETSAT’s Metop CurrentSatellites/Metop/index.html or NOAA’s COSMIC constellations These data sets are operationally used in weather forecast models and in space weather models, as they carry valuable information about the atmosphere and the electron content of the ionosphere.

Employment Type:
This offer is for a full time position during one year (renewable to two years). The job will be carried out between the ICE-CSIC/IEEC (Campus UAB) and the UPC/IEEC (campus UPC) sites of the IEEC units. The job offers the unique opportunity to work within an international collaboration in relationship with scientists from leading weather services, in a dynamic research environment, and with chances to travel.
The tasks to be performed are mostly based on the adaptation of existing codes into the ROPP package. Some new development might also be possible.

Selection Criteria:
We seek for a person with a physics, mathematics or engineering degree with experience in programming languages such as Fortran90 and C, as well as the autotool environment. We seek for an independent person with capability to learn by him/herself. A reasonable high level of English (oral, reading and writing) is required to enable the collaboration with our ROM SAF partners and to write documentation when required.

Contact And Deadline:
Interested candidates are invited to contact Dr. Estel Cardellach ( ) sending a CV and a cover letter explaining the reasons of interest in this job as well as the contact information of former employers/bosses and/or professors who could give us references about the candidate’s performance.

The deadline to receive applications is April 30, 2017.

Documentation to enclose: CV, Cover letter & references
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