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Postdoc in physics position
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Applications are invited for a PhD in Physics position.
We are looking for an expert in observations, especially in the optical, infrared and ultraviolet range.

One of the objectives of our project is to understand the explosions of novae and supernovae, and this implies studying the evolutionary phases of the progenitora star prior to the explosion.
This is possible by combining observations of novae and supernovae in the entire electromagnetic spectrum with models and theoretical interpretations of the data.

Tasks to perform:
  • Observation and characterization of novae and supernovae.
  • Study of the progenitors of supernovae in archive images.
  • Use of the Montsec robotic observatory (OAdM) to carry out the monitoring of nearby supernovae
  • Study the properties of the binary system where the explosion occurs, in the case of novae – orbital period, rotational period of the white dwarf, magnetic field – based on observations already available.

Profile of the candidates:
PhD in Physics, astrophysics specialty, with observational experience (data analysis)

Duration of the contract: 3 months

Applications should incloude a CV, a presentation letter and be submitted electronically in PDF format to the attention of Dr. M. Hernanz at and

Deadline for application submission: July 10th 2018
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