Job Opportunities
3-years Position: Software engineer for space and ground-based instrument control applications.
Area of job
Type of job
The Institute of Space Sciences (ICE) ( is looking for a Software engineer for space and ground-based instrumentation to strengthen the engineering department.

ICE is participating in different space missions and experiments (e.g., ARIEL, LISA, CTA, CARMENES, SKA and Nanosats) and there is a significant contribution focused on software developments on most of them. See ICE web page for more details (

Employment Type:
The software engineer will contribute to different space missions (LISA, ARIEL) and ground experiments (CTA, CARMENES, SKA) at the level of senior developer. He/she will participate in the definition and deployment of the system engineering practices, and will contribute to the high-level design and development of software modules.

The appointed engineer will carry out different tasks according to the development phase of the project, among them:
  • He/she will lead designing activities for phase A/B1 ESA missions (ARIEL, LISA) and for the SKA-PAF definition phase.
  • He/she will be the supervisor of software developers for those projects running a development or prototyping/TDA phase (CTA, Nanosats, SKA-PAF).
  • He/she will coordinate the software engineering practices at systems engineering level (documentation, development cycle, configuration control, etc.) for all projects.
  • He/she will participate in mission and experiment meetings (internal and external to ICE) and eventually lead tasks in the mentioned projects and at the Consortium level.
  • He/she will identify new funding opportunities and collaborate in the preparation of proposals to respond EU, ESA, national funding calls.
  • He/she will contribute fostering the participation of institute researchers in the construction of new space missions and experiments.
The contract will be for a period of 3 years.

Selection Criteria:
Candidates with BSc or MSc degree in computer science will be considered. The candidate should have good background and experience in programming with the following programming languages and operating systems: C/C++, Python, Java, RTEMS. He/she should have experience in software engineering management, in developing under Linux and with the software development life cycle: requirements, design, implementation, documentation and testing. The candidate should have experience on developing flight software for space missions and on software validation and testing following the ESA (European Space Agency) standards (i.e., ECSS E-40B, ECSS Q-80B). Knowledge of basic positional astronomy and astronomical instrumentation will be valued. Candidates should possess English language skills.

Contact And Deadline:
Selection process: The selection process, according to the number of applicants, will consist of a curricular pre-selection and follow-up interviews.

Initial screening will start on October 10, 2018. The positions will be open until filled.

Applications (including CV and letter of interest) should be forwarded to: Ms Noemí Cortés (Assistant to the Director) Email: Subject: Software engineer
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