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Senior Research Position for the Earth Observation Group
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The Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC) offers a senior research position to work in the field of Remote Sensing with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and other Sources of Opportunity (SoOP) by using their refracted and reflected signals.

The scientist will work with the Earth Observation Group of the IEEC-CSIC, leading several active projects and managing part of the personnel.

We are seeking a candidate to lead the ROHP-PAZ mission (proof of concept for the polarimetric GNSS RO concept):
  • to locally manage IEEC participation in the EUMETSAT ROM SAF project, about GNSS radio-ocultation data;
  • to work on advance processing of GNSS reflectometry for Ocean and Cryospheric applications;
  • to manage several ESA contracts on GNSS reflectometry, including Antarctic experimental fields and scientific studies about the future GNSS rEflectometry, Radio-Occultation and Scatterometry mission aboard the International Space Station (GEROS-ISS).
The candidate should hold a Ph.D in remote sensing techniques using GNSS or other sources of opportunity, and he or she should have more than 10 years of post doctoral experience in this field.

Closing date for sending applications: April 20, 2015

Applications should contain a CV and be sent to Prof. Antonio Rius (
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