The IEEC is a research center composed by a core structure devoted to promote, manage and execute long-term research projects on space science and technology. Most of the permanent research personnel are professors and researchers belonging to the Universities and the Spanish Research Council that form its governing body (UB, UPC, UAB and CSIC). The personnel directly employed by IEEC is funded by the projects managed by the institute (soft money). Affiliated staff members are working at the four research units.

The IEEC promotes a professional career on space science and technology, a working environment and a code of conduct following the HRS4R award criteria. The HRS4R award was obtained by IEEC in 2018, and the procedures defined in the action plan are actively supervised and disseminated to all the personnel.

Action Plan HRS4R 2017-2019: ActionPlanHRS4R_IEEC_def-1

IEEC joined the European Charter for Researchers and initiated a process to design an action plan that would improve the alignment of policies and actions in human resources of the institution with the 40 principles in these documents.

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See attachment adhesió-HRS4R.pdf

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