Cluster - Hidra
Service description

Hidra is a computing cluster located at ICE (IEEC-CSIC) premises and it is designed to balance computing speed and storage capacity.


It has two different physical components: a blade box (computing component) and an external array of disks (storage system), both of them mounted in the same rack.

The blade box (meaning that each computing node is not a stand-alone computer, but rather a sort of detachable motherboard with an external “face” called a blade), is filled to its maximum capacity of 8 full size nodes. Each one of this nodes has 4 processors, and every processor has 6 cores, which gives a total of 192 cores. Every node has also 48 GB of RAM, so the system has 2 GB RAM per core or 384 GB RAM in full (not shared, except for the cores within each node).

The storage system is made of four detached arrays of twelve 1 TB disks, for a total of 48 TB of raw space, which is reduced to 22 TB after configuring RAID and spare disks.

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