The International Robotic Antarctic Infrared Telescope (IRAIT) is a fully robotic 80 cm telescope, prepared to observe in the medium infrared range. It has been designed to study cool objects in the Galaxy as well as a test bed for the installation of future Antarctic astronomical observatories.

The telescope is placed at the Concordia station in Antarctica, 3500 meters high. Observing the medium infrared rang requires an extremely dry and cold environment. The Antarctica is one of the few places on Earth with these exceptional atmospheric conditions naturally.
IRAIT is an international project, led by the University of Perugia. IEEC and the University of Granada took part in the construction, among other institutions. The participation of the IEEC and the University of Granada has focused in the design and construction of the secondary (M2) and tertiary (M3) optical systems, and also their mechanical support, electronics and control software. All the system is prepared to work under very low temperatures, down to -80ºC.

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